Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Sweeping Changes

I've started 2005 without any new year's resolutions. However, the last three weeks brought some radical changes into my life - besides of a tender, handsome and charming boyfriend and a devoted flatmate:
  • My fridge doesn't resemble a desert anymore. There is usually enough food on stock to prepare a decent dinner.
  • My kitchen is used for cooking on a regular basis.
  • The serviettes are made of cloth.
  • A fine selection of wine is at hand (with a high turnover rate, though)
  • Bunches of flowers are all over the place.


Ms Mac said...

Serviettes made of cloth are called napkins! I'm assuming that with the arrival of a new love, the flowers are not purchased by yourself for yourself- lucky you!

Anonymous said...

napkins: I'm never sure whether the thing to wipe the lips and fingers or the one which is placed between baby's legs is meant...
flowers and everything: so far it's a common contribution of all stakeholders

Anonymous said...

I am surprise myself that love makes us do things that we usually do not do. There are many chages in my life as well and I am very thankful to have met you and to become part of your life. Sí señor.

Dino Vita said...

I think it''s fucking gorgeous.