Thursday, April 16, 2009


We have reached Acapulco, where we are staying for 3 nights in a hotel right in the middle of the Bahia de Marques. Below are some pictures I took in Morelia and La Huacana. Tomorrow we will head back to La Huacana. Next week, we plan to visit Guadalajara. I have a film of Toño dancing a son de tierra caliente but I'll have to wait for a faster internet connection to do upload it. Later from México.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

El olor y el color de la cocina mexicana


Huevos con jamon y frijoles fritos

Pollo guisado con pimiento moron rojo

Quesadilla con nopalitos fritos

Raw chopped fish with lime juice

filete de pesacdo
somewhere underneath the potatos


Chiles rellonos

Ensalada de manzana y uva con torresnos y pollo frito

Gelatina de durazno con rompope hecho en casa


Tacos al vapor con verdura en vinagre

Carne asada

Tostada de tiras de pesacado de agua dulce

Caldo de camaron

Caldo de iguna

Filete de pescado asado
again hidden at the bottom

Helado de piña

Calso de ollo

Monday, April 06, 2009


We are quite privileged here in México City. We are staying in a lovely clinker brick house in a small gated community covered in bougainvillea plants and ivies.

Although close to the center it's absolutely quite. You hear only chirping birds.

In a few hours we will head to Morelia, were we will stay at a busy street crossing in the city centre with no bougainvillea plants in sight but a lot to see.

These Colours

What I especially like about México - besides the fact that Toño was born and bred here - are the light and the colours. I was not able to take some pictures in the mellow late afternoon light. So I show here the first two pictures of the day, which I took indoors.

With my alabaster like Western European complexion I'm very limited in the range of colours I can get away with. I'm rather jealous of Toño's possibilities in that respect.

Right now, Mexico City is especially beautiful. There are blooming Jacaranda trees everywhere.

Friday, April 03, 2009

On Leave

We are on leave. No, my mind is a bit too ahead of the time - actually, we are still at the coal face. We will be on leave. In 24 hours our plane is supposed to push back and bring us to México where we will be staying for 1 month. A long flight. Luckily, I had accumulated sufficient miles for a business class treat both ways. But what will we do with a month at hand?

Well, we will be spending a lot of time with Toño's family ...

and there will be a new niece of Toño to be cuddled ...

and there will be a lot of real Mexican food to be enjoyed (maybe I will pass on menudo) ...

and we will spend some time at the sea (Acapulco) and I'm longing to see Guadalajara...

and maybe we will even find time to pay the Virgen de Guadalupe a visit.

I may go cold turkey on the Internet. So see you on May 4. Don't do anything I wouldn't do!

Gay Rum

Two of our swim buddies spent three month travelling through the Americas. The last month they spent cruising on a sailing ship in the Caribbean. From there they brought exactly what we were looking for to celebrate their return:

Exactly, the oldest rum in the world.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Swimming Class 80 Years Ago


Who says the Swiss don't have a sense of humour? I admit, it's a rare quality. So rare, that it's a collectable item. Today, the Swiss National Museum opens the exhibition WITZERLAND*, which is dedicated to what the Swiss laugh at, what they consider amusing and what they dismiss with just a gentle smile. The show will run until September 13. After that, Swiss humour will again be hard to find.

* get the pun with the dropped S.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Asparagus, Nonetheless 4 Times

I honour season and I honour buying local. Sometimes one just cannot adhere to these principles, such as when the asparagus season is about to clash with our holidays in México. Not wanting to miss the pleasure of asparagus dishes, I had no choice but buying specimens which were imported from México and the U.S. of A. Just another mark on the shovel already waiting for me.

I don't get my titties in a twist for the classical French style version of serving asparagus, where boiled or steamed white asparagus is combined with hollandaise sauce. The best asparagus I've ever had were slim green ones marinated and fried in olive oil. That was in Valencia in the small restorán Pata Negra. I tend more to the green version, were the asparagus provides the flavour and not the sauce.

That is what I made Toño preparing with the asparagus I brought home from the market:

Pasta Primavera

The pasta is cooked in saffron flavoured water. Roughly chopped turnip cabbage and asparagus are braise lightly in butter. Everything is mixed, seasoned with lemon juice and zest and grounded cheese, heated up and sprinkled with chervil. A good way to start spring.


Plov is also called pilaf, polao, pilau, pilav, or pulao. Plov is often considered to be one of the oldest preparations of rice. I ate my first real Plov in Baku at the Caspian Sea back in 1988, when I travelling Central Asia. Rice, vegetable and lamb make the best combination. We topped it with yoghurt, which was flavoured with butter roasted garlic. Probably not a dish you should serve before an extended kissing session or on a first date.

Asparagus Soufflé

I just remember that I did this. It's surprising how the soufflé mass enhances the flavour of the asparagus. I never would have expected this.

Boneless Chicken with Asparagus and Morels

It was a bit difficult to get fresh morels, but it was definitely worth the hassle. We will make this dish again. Luckily, we made enough then you just can't stop eating this.