Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Eye To Eye With A Tiger

My praised flatmate is a woman of many talents. Her newest assignment is to serve as sparring partner for a presenter of a political television program. This presenter is new in her job and obviously needs some interviewing practice before entering the cage with the incarnated politician. Tear her to pieces, Tigresa!

Ripley's Match

I've loved Match Point, the new movie on lust, love and the lure of money. Especially, Scarlett Johansson's squirm and writhe in the clutches of a revived Tom Ripley keeps my head spinning. Never underestimate Woody Allen.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Don't Mess With My Loyalty

This is again about marketing, I'm sorry. Unfortunately, everyone seems having a go at me marketing wise. It's a solidified commonplaces of established wisdom that it's easier to loose than gaining customers, hence companies should have an emphases on retaining the ones they already have. Loyalty might be an old-fashioned concept. Nevertheless, I stick to it, if I was not treated really badly.

It's commonly known that I'm an ardent Migros shopper. It's this Migros, which dared to make an acid test of my fealty. This morning, I bought a crate of 6 Swiss Eggs. I can't proof, whether they are of Swiss origin, However, I'm still able to count to six:

Friday, January 27, 2006

Tortilla Española

Do you remember, how Rosa (Rossy de Palma) prepared a Tortilla Española for her sister Leo Macias (Marisa Paredes) in Pedro Almodóvar's La flor de mi secreto? Yesterday, Toño made the same for me and Tigresa (in addition to a delicious lentil soup).

The base recipe consists of potatoes, onions and eggs. However, it's highly recommended - especially in cold winters - to enrich it with a wide variety of vegetables:

The critical part is the tossing:

The best comes after the serving:

Talking about food: Our canteen did not make it easy for me this week. They usually cook like teamsters and craftsmen are their main clients and not nerdy engineers. Nonetheless, today I have the hard choice between salmon roulade or coq au vin.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Don't Mess With Starschnitts

Some DJ of Swiss radio station DRS3 are know available as Starschnitt*. This should not be taken lightly, because they can have a severe impact!

My sister used to have a life life-size Mark Spitz in her room, which had been published by BRAVO back in 1972. This image had a major influence on me. As a first grader, I had to have the same kind of Stars and Stripes Speedos as the American swimmer, who won seven gold medals at the 1972 Olympic games.

I'm not wearing the flag of the United States anymore, when I'm going for a swim. Nevertheless, shorts are still out of question. It has to be a pair of Speedos.

* Starschnitt is the German term for a kind of life-size collector's edition jigsaw poster that is an integral part of the major German ten teen mag BRAVO. One has to buy about 16 editions to get the whole celebrity.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Always Troubles with Romeo and Julia

My praised flatmate is walking in Demosthenes' footsteps by leading 105 staffs of the Schauspielhaus through a strike for decent wages.

This reminds me that I once was present when history was being written. I sat in the audience when Moscow's Bolshoi Theatre went on strike on March 9, 1995 for the first time since 1776. The ballet did this to re-install their director Yuri Grigorovich, who had resigned because of president Boris Yeltsin. I doubt that the Schauspielhaus crew would do this when the same happened with Matthias Hartmann.

However, the coincidence is that both theatres had "Romeo and Juliet" on the schedule when the strike began. Only this time, I luckily haven't got a ticket.

On special request, an adaptation in German (January 26, 2006):

Immer Probleme mit Romeo und Julia

Meine geschätzte Mitbewohnerin begibt sich in Demostheneses Fussstapfen, indem sie 105 Mitarbeiter des Schauspielhaus durch einen Steik für anständige Löhne führt.

Dies erinnert mich daran, dass ich einmal anwesend war, als Geschichte geschrieben wurde. Ich sass im Publikum, als das Moskauer Bolshoi Theater am 9. März 1995 zum ersten Mal seit 1776 bestreikt wurde. Das Ballett tat dies, um ihren Direktor Juri Grigorovich wiederzubekommen, der wegen Präsident Boris Jelzin zurückgetreten war. Ich bezweifele, dass die Schauspielhaus Mannschaft dies tun würde, wenn dasselbe Matthias Hartmann geschähe.

Wie auch immer, der Zufall will es, dass beide Theater "Romeo und Julia" auf dem Spielplan hatten, als der Streik anfing. Nur dieses Mal habe ich glücklicherweise keine Karte gehabt.


Brands are absolutely out. Lovemarks are the new thing. They are supposed to be better than brands, because they are about Love and Respect. I reckon, my caring employer better sticks to the old-fashioned brand thingy. High respect is already quite an unachievable aim for us.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Marketing For Beginners

It is important to know your customer, I've been told. Especially by magazines and newspapers like io new management and Handelszeitung. Their administration keeps sending my subscriptions offers. They are always accompanied with a bait, such as free petroleum vouchers or a Autobahn Vignette (highway pass). Unfortunately for them, I haven't got a car...


Read My Hand

...if you have to come up with some reasonable initial settings for an αβ filter:

In Addition, I Change The World

I've decided that it is about time to change the world. So far, I've neither a cause nor a plan. But the "to change" decision has been taken.

I have now three main topics, thriving my humble little world:
  • making experiences with forbidden fruits
  • changing the world
  • being deliriously loved up.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006


The colloquial term for underwear (la ropa interior) in Spanish is los calzones. However, in México City they are called chones.

¡Viva México City!

Freshening Up

Today, my beloved Gatín solved a potentially dangerous crises at Gomad Cellar™ by ordering:
It's just to bridge the time gap until the Expovina Primavera.

On The Go

My flatmate has already proven again that she is a mover. Right now she's walking in Jim Nolan's footsteps and leads the Schauspielhaus employees into a strike. I hope they will give Elmar Ledergerber a nice grill. He's the vice president of the Schauspielhaus and mayor of Zürich. In addition, he is also an arrogant prick.

I hope that Tigresa will fulfill two tasks:
  • decent wages for the Schauspielhaus employees
  • an un-re-electable mayor.
Innumerable force of Spirits armed,
That durst dislike his reign, and, me preferring,
His utmost power with adverse power opposed
In dubious battle on the plains of Heaven,
And shook His throne.
from Paradise Lost by John Milton.

On The Move

I've known that my flatmate is a fast mover. However, so far I did not know that she is also an inspiration for yacht designers:


I've learned from my guru that continuos re-framing is essential. Today, I obeyed his advice and did it again:

The Party

My caring employer and the powers in charge might me incompetent to organise a party. But the situation is not hopeless, because I still can rely on my beloved Gatín, who knows how to save the world.

Last night after a swim, when we arrived at La Residencia de Toño, Gatín surprised me with selected tapas from one of the finest comestibles shops in town and a delicious bottle of Bollinger to celebrate what my caring employer fails to rejoice.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Disappointed Again

My caring employer does not make it easy for me, because he failed again. It's not only the toilets that are not spotlessly clean, but also the serious lack of professionalism - that is, he does not celebrate success seriously.

Since September 15th, 1999 I was working mainly on the same project. By the end of 2005 two out of six systems passed a major milestones - they were accepted by the customer. I would call this a success (taking into account the great rarity of such an event). What happened? Absolutamente nada!

Finally this morning, I received an e-mail from the project manager containing the filled in signature pages of the acceptance protocols. That just takes the biscuit! I prefer party to paper. Is that so difficult to understand?

Monday, January 16, 2006

Monday Shocker

I know that my caring employer goes through a hard time, but this morning he went a bit too far. So far, I thought that Switzerland can be hailed as a clean country, if not the paragon. A place were things are propre en ordre. The Swiss like things clean and they do everything they can to keep spotless streets, restaurants and offices. Not anymore.

A few minutes ago, I planed to visit the male powder room, when I was confronted with the two most revoltingly stained and messed up toilets in years. I was even too offended to take any pictures as evidence.

This is still Switzerland. The country where Hans Maurer developed the Closomat, the first WC with integrated douche, an icon of wellbeing and scrupulous cleanliness. I'm ashamed for my employer and my country. It goes straight to hell!

Smooth Fruity Weekend

The blender had to work overtime at Gomad Mansion™. The outside temperature was frigging low and a stable low stratus situation put the air pollution figures frigging high. Leaving Gomad Mansion™ was dedicated to grab as much fruits as possible. Such as pineapples, oranges, mandarins, bananas, kiwis, apples, hazelnuts. They all went immediately into the blender:

Saturday, January 14, 2006

The Neoliberal Decision

We really had to sit down at Gomad Mansion™ and hash over a sticky issue. Die Weltwoche went from bad to worse since Jürg Wildberger took over as the new chief editor. The magazine is now barely readable. The board at Gomad Mansion™ decided that the subscription for this filthy rag will not be renewed. If we want to read something from the neoliberalism corner then is should at least have a bit of class. Therefore, we decided to switch to The Economist.

This will be our new list of subscriptions at Gomad Mansion™:
Maybe , I've missed some... such as the Kirchenbote.

What is there to fear...

Days like today are made for records on the nostop loop. My day somehow determines to let rotate The The's Perfect in the 12" release.

"So I hang an empty smile beneath my empty eyes,
And go out for a walk..."

Friday, January 13, 2006


We Swiss like to do things our way. That's why we have a triple level citizenship (Confederation, canton and community). Every Swiss is a citizen of his/her place/community of origin, his/her canton of origin and the Confederation, in this order: a Swiss citizen is defined as someone who has the citizenship of a Swiss municipalities (art. 37 of the Swiss Federal Constitution). He/she is entered in the family register of his/her place of origin. The place of origin is the place where the family (usually the father) comes from. It is not to be confused with the place of birth. The place of origin can be the same as the place of birth, but this is not necessarily the case.

This system makes naturalisation a tedious and embracing process. On the other hand, it allows special traditions for citizens of a community that are not open for people who just live there. I live in Zürich, but I'm a citizen of Märstetten, which coincidentally happens to be my place of birth.

Märstetten has one of these traditions that is celebrated on Hilarius's day, which is today - and hence is called Hilarius. Today's celebration goes back to the naturalisation of citizen in 1860, who liked to show his appreciation by inviting all (male) citizens to a dinner with sausage, bread and wine. And that how it's still celebrated on January 13th in Märstetten with free Salzisse sausage, bread, a bottle of Bachtobel wine and a wheat flour soup at midnight.

Life Is Just Sooo Good With Me

Yesterday, I got extremely lucky, because I learned that I will get 2 tickets for sold out concerts:
  • Depeche Mode on the 28th March 2006
  • Robbie Williams on the 24th August 2006.
It's good to have friends, who have friends... OK, for one of those tickets, I'll still have to kiss some feet. Nevertheless, my eyes are sparkling like diamonds in champagne.

Untimely Outdated

I know that I can be quite old fashioned. Nevertheless, I reckon that my friend Georgyboy acted a bit premature by reserving a place for his child at a crèche before his girlfriend has even conceived. Or do I just have difficulties, handling pathological optimists?

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Cocinar con Chilo

Passion has found a its Garden of Eden at Cocinar con Chilo. This is the new joined blog by Toño aka Gatín and Gomad aka Osín.

This spanking new online journal is named after Chilo, one of Toño's bonny sisters. Chilo lives in La Huacana, México and is widely known and appreciated as an ardent cook. We hope that she will share her erudition with us. That is why we named that blog after Chilo and dedicated it to passionate cooking.

So brush up your Spanish and join us on our journey to mastery.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Impossible Yoga

I'm not sure if Madge is still doing it, but everybody seems still doing this Yoga thing. Yesterday, I received an e-mail from my praised flatmate, who tried to delude me into a beginners class. I have to admit that I pondered the idea of me joining this class. However, suddenly I discovered that the lady, who will be giving this class, was citing Lord of the Rings. Sorry, there are certain lines I won't cross.


It is quite reassuring when you're in a lonely place but get the confirmation that this is or you are pretty normal.

Although, everybody keeps saying: "I was born when you kissed me, I died when you left me, I lived while you loved me."

Monday, January 09, 2006

Wet New Year

I tend to steer clear of New Year resolutions (although I stopped smoking on a New Year, but I was bored of it anyway). Maybe I have to consider one this year, even though with a bit of a delay.

Yesterday, My beloved Gatín and myself went to the pool for the first time this year. Surprisingly, the warm-up double kilometres went pretty well. The other surprise was that the Zürcher Sportamt for once did not further restrict the opening hours, but widened them significantly. It is now possible to do a pre-work swim.

Should this (the pre-work swim) be my delayed New Year resolution because it's doomed to fail anyway?

Friday, January 06, 2006

At The Edge Again

I used to be an innovator or at least an early adopter, who tried to avoid to belong to the majority or even being a laggard. Whatever, I'm becoming older and maybe because of that loosing the grip of the edge of things.

That's what I thought until I've read an article by the BCC, which reminded me that I'm obviously unconsciously ahead of a trend: Mexican Wine.

Mexico is neither really a wine country nor a coffee country. Although both are part of Mexico's cornucopia. It's easier to get a beer or a tequila. If coffee is served, it's most likely made out of Nescafe. If you order wine in a restaurant you have to choose the vino tinto - that is, the only red wine available in the house. After the order, the staff usually spends the next fifteen minutes searching for the bottle opener and cleaning the dusty wine glasses. However, Mexican's wine makers are being kissed awake by the prince and things are emerging rapidly.

If you want to be among the innovators then you should look out for the wines of the Bodega LA CETTO or the Bodega de Monte Xanic. Both are highly recommended by my beloved Gatín, who is the expert in the family.

Read BBC article in English or Español.

Hairy Discovery

Expat Traveller has written about weird things about herself, among which is her affinity to shaved male bodies, especially of swimmers, bikers and triathletes. Her words reminded me of a discovery I made recently:

But first I have to admit that I was a bit lacy lately or too busy doing other things and neglected the trimming of my bodily hair. This slackness made it possible that I found out something weird about myself too (the only thing, really): I love to look at my arm hair wiggling in the current after the turn while gliding under the water before I resurface. *blush*

Maybe I will never trim them again.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

It’s The Lime, Stupid

Even though I like fruits (no pun intended), I could never understand the fuss people make about Papaya, until I was told in México that one should not eat this fruit without having dribbled some drops of lime juice over it. The enrichment in taste after this simple procedure is amazing. I highly recommend to enjoy Papaya only in the combination with Lime!

Brought Up To Date

Coming home from México, I had to learn that my praised flatmate...
  • is in hormonal disorder
  • is afraid to sleep at home due to the fear of a wooer's jealous (maybe not so) former sweetheart with a Sicilian background
  • was again on television.

Not Actually A Christmas Tree

I'm back from México. It was my first trip to Hispanoamérica, and hence a personal discovery of a continent. My beloved Gatín introduced me to bright colours, extensive family grids, open-hearted hospitality and a cuisine full of tasty surprises. Travelling in Christmas season brought also some close encounters with Mexican Christmas habits, e.g. one could hardly walk five steps without stepping on a Nativity Scene. A bit special, however, was the lighting of the Christmas Eve dinner:

Holding Up The Walk-in Flag

It's a virtue to be a good citizen and this year I'm early on the good citizen track by having already ordered the Photo of the Swiss Federal Council 2006: