Friday, July 24, 2009

111 for 1111

4 years, 8 months and 6 days ago I started this and have now reached my 1111th post. So I use my lunch break to make a 111 random stuff that might but must not necessarily has to be mentioned in the 1110 preceding posts. Here we go:
  1. I arrived in a home birth.
  2. I was born in a house that was built in 1613.
  3. My mother milked the cows on the eve of the day I was born.
  4. The midwife held me out of the window and announced to the black smith across the street that it is a boy.
  5. The midwife ended as an alcoholic but I don't feel responsible.
  6. I did not have a name then.
  7. My family could not agree on one.
  8. My mother wanted to have Kurt
  9. Nobody liked that
  10. My mother then suggested that I have to be called Michael
  11. My paternal grandmother announced that she does not condone a "Michel" in her house.
  12. Michel aus Lönneberga (original title Emil i Lönneberga) turned then out to become my favourite TV series and I would have loved to be called Michel.
  13. My brother is 12 years older.
  14. My sister is 9 years older.
  15. My brother and sister then suggested the name Urs, which was not opposed.
  16. I was then baptised Urs Michael.
  17. I don't think my father did involve himself in the decision process.
  18. I eat a flower when the Soviets ended the Prague Spring on my first birthday.
  19. I grew up on a farm.
  20. I like climbing trees.
  21. I fell on a hoe when I was 4 and missed the temple by a whisker, though I still got a decent hole.
  22. I squashed a finger and lost the nail in a potato harvesting machine when I was 5.
  23. Thanks to the scars I learned to distinguish between left and right.
  24. I still check my finger if I have a doubt about left and right.
  25. My driving instructor did not like this behaviour.
  26. I have scar on my forearm which look like a suicide attempt but I got it from a wine bottle that broke when I tryed to uncork it.
  27. There are 3 scars in my face,
  28. one from the surgical removal an abscess,
  29. one from the surgical removal of a basal cell carcinoma; and
  30. one from a barrier that hit my forehead.
  31. The barrier hit was my only work related accident,
  32. besides of being exposed to several electric shocks.
  33. They were all my own fault but they did not cause any harm (I think).
  34. I broke my left shin and foot while skiing when I was six.
  35. I later broke my right arm while snowboarding.
  36. and my skull and right foot when cycling.
  37. I went to a primary school that did not have a catholic teacher for 200 years,
  38. since traditionally the protestant pastor was also head of the school board.
  39. I made my first experiences with another boy with the son of the first catholic teacher in the village after the ban was lifted.
  40. My great-great grandfather fought the Catholics in the Sonderbund war.
  41. My great-great grandfather also bought the house in which I was born.
  42. Nowadays, the Catholics and the Protestants share the same church in the village were I was born and raised (on a time-sharing agreement).
  43. Since I was not a gifted farmer I moved to the big city (Zürich) when I was 15.
  44. My sister would have been a great farmer but my parents did not let her learn that profession,
  45. but my brother was the one who took over the farm.
  46. My mother is 77 and my father will turn 86 next week.
  47. They still work on the farm.
  48. I caught them once during a horizontal limbo and got very confused by this.
  49. Well my father caught me once too while messing around and he did not like it either, since I was supposed to feed the cows.
  50. My father told me once that he was caught in the bed of our neighbour's fiancée (when he was still a bachelor) . The neighbour then had to marry a less pretty girl.
  51. In Zürich I lived in 3 different houses, all within 1 km.
  52. I did not share an apartment until I was 35 (Tigresa, we should do this lunch thingy soon, travelling might pick up again).
  53. My mother once claimed that Zürich has tainted me.
  54. She meant this with respect to my political views (not my sexual habits).
  55. I made an apprenticeship as electrical draughtsman.
  56. I have degrees equivalent to a bachelor degree in electrical engineering and business administration.
  57. I'm a certified Senior Project Manager.
  58. I have had 7 employment contracts,
  59. but have only worked for two different employers.
  60. I earned my first money catching mice and splitting wood.
  61. I needed the money to fly to Canada when I was 15.
  62. I used up to 80 traps to catch mice,
  63. but I never beat my father, whose mouse per trap ratio is twice as high as mine ever was.
  64. The mice were fed to the cats.
  65. We had up to 15 cats at home although my mother suffers from a cat hair allergy,
  66. though a busy street next to the house kept the cat population at bay.
  67. The only personal pet I ever had was a guinea pig.
  68. It died after I gave it a bath (it did smell)
  69. My sister's horse put me in bed for a week.
  70. I wanted to go straight and the horse preferred left. It won by knocking me out.
  71. The name of the horse was Whisky. It was my first bad experience with whisky.
  72. I got drunk the first time with my fellow boy scouts.
  73. I fell numerous times riding horses and cows, but got only severely hurt once.
  74. My brother ended in hospital with an open fracture of the leg when he was a wee boy after an accident with horses
  75. He was home one week when he broke the other one while chasing a cat.
  76. I saw the film True Stories by Talking Heads 10 times within 5 days in the cinema because I loved a song so much.
  77. There used to be a time when I saw around 60 films a year in the cinema.
  78. Now I hardly see 6 a year in the cinema.
  79. I made a film with some friends when I was 17.
  80. I did run in the contest of the Swiss Youth Film Festival :) but did not win the big price :/
  81. I was not allowed to set off fireworks when I was a boy,
  82. because my father once ignited an expensive dress of a bystander.
  83. I prefer briefs to boxers when wearing trousers.
  84. I prefer boxers to nothing while sleeping.
  85. I like cooking but Toño is the better cook,
  86. however, I'm the better pâtissier.
  87. I usually make lunch and Toño dinner.
  88. On weekends, I do the shopping while Toño is running. He then has to cook with whatever I shopped.
  89. The one that does not cook does the dishes.
  90. Toño does the cleaning, I do the laundry.
  91. I take care of recycling for paper and card board, Toño takes care of recycling for glass.
  92. Those roles are not engraved in stone.
  93. I met Toño in crawl class.
  94. I first spoke to Toño under the shower, when I told him that I'm learning Spanish (I know, quite lame pick-up line)
  95. We both accuse each other of having seduced the other,
  96. Toño claims I did it with my eyes,
  97. I claim Toño did it by kissing me.
  98. So it must have been a mutual seduction.
  99. He did know all about wine, I needed advice, this and swimming brought us together,
  100. Like a new passion was born out of two others (this is as poetical as I get)
  101. We got engaged in a bus in Mexico after we spent Christmas with Toño's family.
  102. We did not want to mix bureaucratic processes and waited with tying the knot until Toño received his Swiss citizenship.
  103. We tied the knot in the wrong order.
  104. We first went on our honeymoon (Mexico again),
  105. we then held the reception,
  106. and registered our partnership months later.
  107. Toño is the most amazing thing that ever happened to me.
  108. Toño has high standards and it is not easy to live up to those.
  109. Toño has changed me a lot.
  110. Toño has made my life so much more colourful.
  111. It's good to be in love and being loved :)


Mickle in NZ said...

Super Well Done!

MartininBroda said...

Das ist sehr schön. Und da mir gerade nichts Geistreiches dazu einfällt, sage ich lieber gar nichts. Obwohl, das muß ich doch loswerden, wo du den Namen jetzt offiziell eingeführt hast, darf ich jetzt Urs Michael statt gomad sagen? :-)

Ms Mac said...

Ughhh! The mice and all those broken bones made me feel a bit queasy. But it was nice that you ended on a lovely, sappy note. ;-)

Mr. Urs said...

@Mickle... Ta :)

@Martin... Wie immer es dir gefällt, nur bitte nicht den Doppelnamen. Wähle einfach einen davon. Ich habe mir auch überlegt, das auszuwechseln. Ich habe nur nicht das richtige gefunden. Vielleicht "Mr. Urs". So nennen mich meine indischen Kunden und ich finde das noch recht nett.

@MsMac... Yes, I could have made it shorter: "Was born on a farm, broke some bones, caught some mice and and fell in love. To be continued..." But every bone made a bullet.

MartininBroda said...

Also ich finde, mit der sämigen Endnote, das hatte durchaus Drehbuchniveau, den Film würde ich mir bestimmt ansehen, ich mag so was nämlich. Ich nehme dann Herr Urs, auch wenn das gerade noch nett ist...

Mickle in NZ said...

My dear Mum is accident prone - dear Sister inherited that one....

just as well, my health hiccips are more than enough to live with

care and loving huggles,

Mickle and Zebbycat (waiting for me to get to bed and huggle him)

Toño said...

I love this blog and I must tell you that I do not only love you because of your blue eyes but as well because you are kind-hearted, intelligent, precise, you have endurance and because you love the things you do.


Tyler said...

why'd you need/want to fly to canada at the age of 15 ?

Mr. Urs said...

@Martin... Herr Urs ist mir ganz recht. Vielleicht wähle ich auch diesen Namen. Wer die Wahl hat hat die Qual.
Im indischen Karnataka entspricht Urs einem Königstitels. Im Palast von Mysore hat es Duzende Bilder mit meinem Namen drauf.

@Mickle... I've never considered myself as accident prone, but when I look at this list you might have a point.

@Toño... <3

@Tyler... that was for the 15th World Scout Jamboree, which was held in 1983 at Kananaskis, Alberta. In the movie we made, we drank only Canada Dry as a reference to your country.

Seth said...

I love your sense of humor in some of the items!!

Except for the busy road with the cats!!! *cry!!*

Hehehe, but thanks for sharing some of your information, and I'm happy for you that you have Toño.