Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Where I Blog From

Gauss Jordan tagged me *so flattered* to do this 'game', or 'activity' or whatever you want to call it, which should answer where I blog from.

The Drawing Room

Well ,this is the drawing room of our residence, Toño does not like it when I blog from there, but I don't like doing it from the office/guest wing. This is the first view:

  1. Main blooging tool: My mobile computer. It's completely outdated and has to be replaced but I just can't decide on what should be the next one.
  2. Main blog following tool: Toño's iMac, which is used mostly by me. It also serves as telly.
  3. Subwoofer for the iMac.
  4. Table where we entertain guests. If you ever come to our lovely city, you might give it a try.
  5. Sideboard with all the audio media. Table, sideboard and some more furniture are from an office furniture line by Randers in Denmark.
  6. Ostentatious temperature-controlled wine cabinet
  7. Some books on a shelfs designed by
  8. Lithography by Roman Signer. Toño does not really like it, so it's up there.
  9. BeoSound 9000 with BeoLab 8000 s. I had a very tiny apartment until 10 years ago (16 m2/172 ft2) and the BeoSound was the only one that fit between bed and bookshelf. Of course linked to all major rooms in the residence (which is like 2 more)
This is the view from the opposite side:


Please note the amazing artwork from Mexico. The carpet on the floor, I'd received from my Nepali guide who dragged my old carcass through the Himalayas (detail).

The Office

I would never violate the sanctity of my caring employer's regulations and blog from my office or with office tools. But let's pretend I would. Then I were to blog from here:

  1. Computer
  2. Fruits, coffee mug, water bottle, wine glass & mobiles
  3. Areal filing system (Toño calls it mess)
  4. Sound
  5. Spare keyboards for my laptop. I tend to eat loads of fruits while at work and they spoil my keyboard. I have 4 spare keyboards left, until I need a new computer.
The Mobile Office

If I'm travelling, it looks more like this:

This picture was taken at the Taj Mahal in Mumbai where I spent several months during the last year. It was a pure (and lucky) coincident that I was not there during the attacks last year. And yes, I travel with at least 2 laptops.

I reckon, I'm supposed to tag somebody. I f I kept the overview correctly, so far this has been purely a male game, hence I invite all my female readers to participate. Terms & conditions apply.


Anonymous said...

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Suf n Steve said...

ok, i'll take up these challenge, posted by friday;

have to drive to MIT for 2 meetings.

Mickle in NZ said...

Sorry, dear Gomad, I don't have a digital camera.

I laughed at your spare keyboards at work. I've mostly killed them with tea. However, can advise from personal experience that keyboards really loathe yoghurt smoothies too.

Impressed with your bookcases. I have two large bookcases here. Both are wooden and overflowing with books. Part of the top of the table is smothered in books too.

Care and huggles, Mickle

MartininBroda said...

Das ist schon sehr geschmackvoll, ich meine jetzt das Wohnzimmer, aber auch sehr übersichtlich, ist das immer so aufgeräumt oder nur jetzt für die Bilder.
Sollte ich so eines machen, ich müßte erheblich aufräumen, wäre vielleicht eine Motivation.

Anonymous said...

I really like the furniture, very much my taste. :)

And hey, I agree to what MartininBroda said: Your rooms are very tidy, although they don't look that tidy at first glance because of the ample furnishing and items arranged on the furniture.

Gauss Jordan said...

I guess this is the prototype upon which all of IKEA is based.

I love the bookcases! One of the things I miss from my old apartment was the floor-to-ceiling built-ins that it had. I actually alternated books and souvenirs. Now my carefully-arranged trinkets look like a pile of junk spread around the house on any convenient horizontal surface.

And your filing system looks like mine, a last-in, first-out queue, sorted by time. :-)

Mickle in NZ said...

Ooo, hope the swim goes okay - and you'd better look after the Divine Ms Mac bloody well at the super swimming event. Mickle will be checking up on this....

Huggles once more, amidst my adoration of the Divine Ms Mac, .....

Happy Lake Time?

Mr. Urs said...

@Suf Steve... Oh MIT *impressed*, we are patiently waiting till this Friday might come.

@Mickle... You could make a sketch or aquarelle. It does not have to be photography.

@Martin & Lunario... Toño ist sehr erfolgreich in seinem Kampf gegen den zweiten Hauptsatz der Thermodynamik (die Entropie nimmt zu). Aber der Unordnung gehört die Zukunft. Oder die Physik liegt falsch.

@Gauss Jordan... IKEA & Randers are both from Scandinavia, however IKEA is 10 times cheaper and you don't have to wait 3 months for the delivery.

Ms Mac said...

I'll have to clean before I take you up on this....

Mr. Urs said...

@Ms.Mac... I was under the impression you were blogging from your balcony with a G&T in your left hand.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Ms Mac but I really like this idea now that we see how beautifully you've done it.

Unknown said...

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