Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Substitutional Satisfaction?

At the bottom of an article on free will, I saw the most provocative add in years (click to enlarge):

The tag lines reads: Sex is only a substitutional satisfaction.

By the way, Toño and I will be on the island of Majorca until January 3, 2007. Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

To All Of You

I send my wishes for love, passion and eternal grooviness to all of you.

Hasn't Toño put up the most beautiful Christmas tree there is?

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Clear Sky Demanded

This is my last night in India before I'll red-eye back to Switzerland into the arms of my deriously beloved Toño. We will have a bunch of guests for lunch on Saturday, thus there must be no delays at all!

It's an old tradition among some friends of ours to meet early morning on the last shopping day before Christmas in a big mall. To shop? No, far too tedious. They are there to watch people shopping. Cheep first class entertainment and it includes a free lunch.

I'm a night person and mind getting up too early. Hence, I invite them over for lunch. Everyone is happy and everyone has a good time among friends, before we join our families for the other traditional Christmas celebrations.

And here, as a farewell to India, the title song of Salaam E Ishq - A Tribute to Love, a Bollywood movie that will be released in due course:

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Tree Surprise

While I'm sitting here in sunny Bangalore, my deriously beloved Toño is setting up the Christmas tree. Everything is still very hush-hush. Nevertheless, there are some knowns. This is my intelligence collection based on usually well-informed sources:
  • It's the real McCoy - that is, a fir tree.
  • It will be enlightened by real candles.
  • It is 1.8 m / 5.9 feet tall.
  • The basic colour scheme of the panoply is blue and bordeaux (due to the lack of orange material).
  • There will be a mouth-blown vitreous star on the top.
  • It will be our first Christmas tree.
How I'm supposed to sleep until Saturday, when I will get back to my Toño and get a view of the beauty?

Sunday, December 17, 2006

A Sunday Off Work

Saturday is a working day in India, however, Sunday isn't. So today was our day off work. Nevertheless, our client commanded one of their engineers and a driver to take care of our entrainment. They took their task very serious and we got a twelve hour all-included tour.

We started at the Sri Sri Radha Krishna Chandra Temple. Maybe not the most appropriate choice on an Advent Sunday. But it was an opportunity to experience Divine Cuisine. As a divine lover, Krishna is shown playing the flute, surrounded by adoring females. Here is our guiding engineer (centre) with a flute, the adoring females were as usual a bit late:

Then it was time for some museums. First we stayed close to our trade and went to a technological museum...

.. followed by one that had something to do with culture or art:

After we had satisfied our spiritual and knowledge needs, we went for the more basic stuff by switching to extended shopping. This was again a success. I managed to get a Skolnik for a mere $7 (Amazon sells this book for $153.13).

The day ended at a Parsi restaurant, kind of my first encounter to that coulture. By the way, did you know that Freddie Mercury was a Parsi?

This was an excellent Sunday. The only thing I really missed was looking into the eyes of my deriously beloved Toño.

Thursday, December 14, 2006


What is wrong on this picture?

Yes exactly, this is a bloody scab! Today here in India, the autorickshaw drivers are on strike because they oppose the hike in fine amount.

Although I try to leave my former union, I'm no blackleg and stayed in the hotel. The company I work for here in Bangalore is on strike too, since there is a lack of hike in their workers' wages.

Laid-back Passage to India

My trip to India was almost as eventless as Forster's novel. Nevertheless, there were two things, preventing this:
  • Reading Douglas Coupland's article on Morrissey as recommended by Reluctant Nomad.
  • Being upgraded to First Class. Especially the scallops were delicious.
Yes, I was humming Campari Soda, the song by Taxi about a time when flying was still somethings unique and exciting.

Monday, December 11, 2006


I've told it earlier. In February, Toño and I will travel to Siberia. I just had a look at the actual readings:

-58 °F  / -50 °C

However tomorrow, I'll have first to embark to Bangalore in India which has an inviting 82°F / 28°C, Nevertheless, it will feel much colder than that without Toño.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Ban Organic

A couple of weeks ago, we were talked into buying organic lube. Don't use it! I burns like fire in the Gary Glitter.

I'm not a big fan of this organic thing anyway. I consider it pure dupery. A way to get more of my hard earned money out of my pocket. There are more sensible approaches, which try to find a balance of biological, technical and chemical methods.

However, The Economist brought in its latest edition a new argument: organic food destroys the environment!:
Organic food, which is grown without man-made pesticides and fertilisers, is generally assumed to be more environmentally friendly than conventional intensive farming, which is heavily reliant on chemical inputs. But it all depends what you mean by "environmentally friendly". Farming is inherently bad for the environment: since humans took it up around 11,000 years ago, the result has been deforestation on a massive scale. But following the "green revolution" of the 1960s greater use of chemical fertiliser has tripled grain yields with very little increase in the area of land under cultivation. Organic methods, which rely on crop rotation, manure and compost in place of fertiliser, are far less intensive. So producing the world's current agricultural output organically would require several times as much land as is currently cultivated. There wouldn't be much room left for the rainforest.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Not Frequently Enough

Travelling is part of my job. It's nice to go to places. But believe me, it wears off quite fast. Especially when I rather prefered to rest in the arms of my deriously beloved Toño. Nevertheless, there are some benefits attached to it that are supposed to ease the pain a little bit, such as collecting miles.

I'm not collecting miles to actually use them (far too tedious) - I'm doing it for the privileges. E.g. you get faster lanes, preference for upgrades and you can get pissed in lounges for free even when you've got only coach class tickets. I bet, you can see my point.

One of the schemes I'm in is Miles & More. Right now I'm at Frequent Traveller status. To reach the next level (Senator), I have to collect 25265 further miles until the end of this year. If I sum all the miles I'll get for the five flights, for which I'm scheduled until then, I will collected 22957. In other words: I'm short of mere 2308 miles! Life supposed to be fair.

By the way, I'm not going to God's Country anymore. Mr.Mac will do that for me. I'm heading back to India and will then spend some days on Mallorca - Yeah, this is finally a trip together with Toño again!. And here is In God's Country by U2 especially for Mr.Mac:

Wednesday, December 06, 2006


I will not go that far as to call my residence flamboyant, however, I can't deny that my apartment was never before in a more Christmas like outfit. Last year, my former flatmate Tigresa started to brake the tradition that Christmas is something that happens outside. Now, with Advent starting and much support by my deriously beloved Toño, the place started a metamorphosis which is far from completed:

Moi l'Amazonaute

Newsletters are an ambiguous affair. Most of them they try to delude me into buying stuff I don't really desire nor need. Especially Amazon's relation of what I bought and what I might buy are sometimes rather obscure. Nevertheless, I always like the mailings of Amazon France, because they address me with Cher Amazonaute. It there a more extraordinarily adventurous yet cosmopolitan way to address somebody?

Friday, December 01, 2006

Cookie Bitching 2006

Yes, it's the same procedure as every year. I'm the Christmas cookie bitch of my family and I've fulfilled my duty again (with big support from my deriously beloved Toño). This is me while bitching:

And this is what I was bitching about:

Cinnamon Stars
The most tedious of all. They are sticky. Cutting them out is very close to Zazen. The trick to get them really white, is to use almonds that where peeled before they were grounded.

Chocolate Stars
According to a recipe that was created by my mother.

Nut Heaps
This recipe goes back to my grand-grandmother.

Dead Man's Legs
My godfather's favourites

Chräbeli (Scratches)
Only correct with tiny little "feet".

The season's thing can come now. We're ready. Bring in the big snow.