Tuesday, March 13, 2007


How was your afternoon? Was it sweet, passionate and lyrical? Neither was mine. Actually, mine was quite a waste. However, just by accident, I passed by this beautifully made movie by the gifted Mexican cineasta Roberto Fiesco Trejo. A man, I will keep an eye on.

If you wasted your afternoon too, these 15 minutes will be well spent:


Anonymous said...

It is a poem!

Many thanks angel.

It shows the mystical way of the mexican soul, which is use to the cruel reality too, but in order to ease things one makes part of his life, one becomes mystical...

Unknown said...

funny enough, I actually thought my afternoon was wasted!!!

Great story you shared, I loved it!!!

And you know I still want to go back to Zurich soon...

Mind you that my swim coach here is starting to like me and say some kind words about me now... ;-)