Monday, June 14, 2010

New Banner - New Design

I was in the mood to change things slightly on my blog and because I did not come up with revolutionary new content, I modified the design. The banner turned out to be a bit constructivist.


naturgesetz said...

Yes. Well. I suppose that "constructivist" refers to sometimes giving Cyrillic letters something like their original value and sometimes letting them stand for the Roman letter they most resemble.

Anyway, it's very striking.

Suf n Steve said...


are you by any chance runnin for an MP election in ur country!

look like one of the Minister of Defense put up election banner!

Just my two cents

Happy Spring/Summer btw

Kanadisches Mädchen said...

I love it! Can you design something like that for me too? Heh.

Gauss Jordan said...

Sounds like you're implementing the "polish until it looks like it's new" strategy from a possible engineering project. ;-)