Saturday, February 05, 2011

5 on the Fifth - Reflections

This month's 5 on the fifth theme is Reflections, though we can also take 5 random pictures. I mixed a bit... while being in Kiev... in grainy black and white.

I spent this week on business in Kiev, the capital of the Ukraine. Adapting is essential when doing business. Thus a mirror shot with my mink ushanka.

Taken in the room, where most of the discussions were held. Carefree plants on windowsills are very popular. And I like the artificial frost pattern on the glass.

The Statues of Princess Olha, Apostle Andriy, St. Cyrill and St. Methodius; and some girls, posing for their friends.

Under the shower in my room at the Intercontinental Kiev. A hotel I can't praise enough. I like it there.

Vodka, unavoidable when doing business here.


Jason Shaw said...

Very enjoyable photos, especially the last one, I could almost taste it myself.

Howard said...

Well done, I like all the shots, but am really fond of the shower shot!

Cubby said...

Very nice. Like Howard, I like all the shots, but I especially like the shot of vodka. said...

Ill have a vodka please :)