Saturday, October 11, 2008

Cought in Plans

Talking about procrastination (no, I haven't touched my emails yet), a year ago we bought a crate of Jacquart Champagne for Mengia and Albin.

A year ago, their son Fadri was born. Today, we will finally deliver the champagne to celebrate it.

But first I have to get a new suit. I could have avoided this if I not had missed both summer sale and shedding some pounds (procrastination everywhere). However, I have to. This Tuesday, I'm summoned by our C.E.O.

I carelessly bragged that I know how to run a project at least 15% or half a Million cheaper than the engineering bigwigs and The Experts calculated (all I have to back up my case is a back of the envelop calculation). Well, my caring boss grassed up, and now I'm in trouble. Either, I win and take over from The Experts and will be in danger running into a knife at every dark corner. Or I loose the battle and will be the butt of numerous jokes. I might have to consider Plan B again.


Ms Mac said...

If you procrastinated just a little longer you could have given young Fadri the champagne for his 18th birthday!

If you're anything like me, you'll find the years fly by very quickly!

markus said...

if you have someeone like Ms Mac to help you maybe could be done