Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sore Nipples

This year, I inexcusably neglected cycling. So yesterday, when I was anywhere but in perfect flow, I abandoned work and decided to cycle through the autumnal forest.

I wanted to use my GT Zaskar, since it's the most responsive of my bikes and its semi-slick tires seemed perfect for dry trails. After a lot of pumping and greasing, I went for a test ride, only to discover, that the air-suspensions in the fork were blown. So I had to set up the alternative Litespeed with its oversized Nobby Nic's.

Despite my lack of practice, it went surprisingly well. Only this morning, I felt the pain while showering. My nibbles were red and sore from rubbing on the merino shirt, I was wearing. Who thought that the nibbles were the weakest link.


markus said...

you should put pasters over them

Sylv said...

nibbles (sic!) are my downfall whenever i diet, so no going close to a tapas bar for me:):)

Expat Traveler said...

I'm happy to report that Victoria is a total biking town and I get on my bike usually more than once a week! And I'm still riding my swiss bike! :)

Glad to know you are getting back out on the bike.. I'm dying to go back to Switzerland for a ride still!