Monday, July 05, 2010

Dem Ingeniör ist nichts zu schwör*

Switzerland is lacking teachers and production seems far from able to satisfy demand. 6 Cantons (states) are introducing a new scheme allowing lateral entrants to become teachers. Training takes 9 to 18 months (unpaid). The details of the concept are supposed to be released this autumn and production should start in a year. They are especially looking for engineers. I might be a bit too old though.

Nevertheless, I think I have to keep an eye on this. I'm a bit bored of the engineering trade and could use a fresh start. Why not working on the future of our society?

* A pun in German which translates to "nothing is too difficult for an engineer". The line was put in the mouth of Gyro Gearloose by his brilliant German interpreter Erika Fuchs.


naturgesetz said...

Sounds like an interesting, even exciting, option, worth thinking about.

BTW, that was quite a video a couple of days ago.

Gauss Jordan said...

We have a program like that at my company. They'll pay for you to take classes, give you leave, and when its said and done, give up $10,000+ toward your training to become a K-12 teacher.