Friday, July 16, 2010

On Knives ....

From a letter by Michelle:

Dear Urs

As you probably already know, Michelle is not up with technology, even with Twittering and Tumblring...

Just read your Tumblr bit on knives - my bestest suggestion is choose knives based on your hand size.

My hands a really small - like Elton John, one of my hands cannot span a full octave on piano keyboard (my only bit of Elton John Trivia - now you know why he didn't pursue becoming a concert pianist).

My knife advice to anyone is - please choose knives based first of all on your actual hand size and your own current hand flexibility. I can chop and onion onto very fine pieces with a chef's knife, but can do so far better, more efficiently and much more safely with my own sized knives. I keep them well sharpened and have taught myself good and safe knife skills, but not as the so called "great chefs" do


Anonymous said...

I more or less agree, don't you?

Mickle in NZ said...

Cor - World famous for little hands.

I do have a very good Chef type knife - only is in Mickle smaller hand size. And I have learnt and practised so can now slice and chop evenly and fairley fast. Looks after your knives!

Overall, Folk's, knife skills are not a competition. With time they become a pleasure, especially after a bad day at work or elsewhere. And the resulting food should be a joyous pleasure.

Enough raving from me - have a happy weekend, with some good food included, Michelle xxx