Monday, August 23, 2010

The Hawtest King

As every decent human being, I try to buck the trend when ever possible. I really do. But this Sunday at 5pm all defences caved in when I switched to the Schlussgang (last round) of the Eidgenössische where 20-year-old Wenger Kilian won the Schwingen tournament unconquered. As a result, he was declared King of Schwingen (Schwingerkönig)

Schwingen, the very traditional way of wrestling here in Switzerland, seems to have become the latest trend. City slicker who used to go to tango classes when they were not sipping mojitos are now apparently practising Schwingen.

Well, and now I got caught as well. Today when I went groceries shopping I grabbed a copy of Schweizer Illustrierte featuring our new king.

A week ago I had to preferred death to having seen a copy of it on our coffee table. But they've got this 15 page special about our new hawt king. Sorry, I just could not resist.


Just said...

lol Urs everyone has their weakness lol ..... I sip on a mojitos ! he is good looking though will say!

Anonymous said...

Would you describe him as a bit of a hunk?

Stephen Chapman... said...

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Mr. Urs said...

@Mikey Twinks might be good princes, but for a king, it takes a bit more.