Friday, December 24, 2004

Chutzpah Does The Trick

Last Saturday, I joined, together with my lovely flatmate to be, the traditional pre Xmas party of Georgieboy (his real name is Albin, but I've once decided to call him Georgieboy). Georgieboy is the person with the most chutzpah I know. Many many years ago, we spent the New Year holidays in Brussels. On New Year's Eve (technically it was already New Year) we were queuing in front of the hottest club in town. We were still quite far from the door, when the bouncer opened the door slightly and Georgieboy called "We're from Switzerland". The bouncer looked at us and waved us in. The club was absolutely fabulous. I spent six hours straight on the floor. Actually, Georgieboy is Austrian. But who wants to be picky.

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