Friday, December 24, 2004

Fat Chance Without Chutzpah

This is a follow up of Chutzpah Does The Trick.
On of the biggest traveller's problem is, how to get to know the hottest club in town. The local equivalent of Time Out or züritipp is good but local knowledge is better. I share here and now Georgieboy's fail-safe trick with you:
  • Search a restaurant with customers you could imagine to party with
  • Enjoy dinner and keep looking for the group which knows to enjoy the savours of life best.
  • Go over (here, chutzpah is required)
  • Ask for the best places to party
  • Let them note name & address of the venue (must for cap rides) and the best time to be there (there are few things worse than to be in the right club at the wrong time).

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