Friday, April 06, 2007

Late Bloomer

To be honest, I think I've never cooked fish in my entire life* until today. Although we did not obey Lent, we tried to be good Christians by eating fish on Good Friday**

I decided to go for local perch (perca fluviatilis) on an onion and orange bed. It was surprisingly easy. I definitely have to pay more attention to the fish counter in the future.

* Expect some trout grilling as a boy scout on the open fire.
** We obeyed only an lacto-ovo vegetarian diet today, which I think is within the Christian tradition, isn't it? Butter isn't. But can one cook without it? No way. I think beaver would have been allowed too (thanks to Pierre-Francois-Xavier Charlevoix), but they are so hard to find.


Ms Mac said...

I love Fish! It's so good for you, you should definitely be bringing more of it into your diet!

Mr. Urs said...

Ms.Mac, there is a lot of fish in my diet. I just don't cook it at home. But today, we will make a second attempt.

Unknown said...

oh that balcony of yours looks so wonderfull. Yummy!

Michael Lehet said...

What a lovely table setting. It was 25 degrees on Easter Sunday here.

We haven't had a "patio" dinner yet, but I'm waiting.