Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Happy Birthday Litespeed!

My Litespeed Obed can celebrate its 10th birthday this month. Litespeed makes the best titanium frames. They are good on the hills, down and up. You have to fall in love with the flex of those frames.

They were good, those 10 years. Although, my Litespeed has to share my affection with the GT Zaskar LE, my other off-roader. Nevertheless, it has never disappointed me or shown any sign of jealousy. It's not just good, it's a brilliant bike! It's definitely my choice, when snow and ice try to stop me from moving around.

How does one celebrate an occasion like this? I paid my Litespeed a proper maintenance. New cogwheels, new brake pads and spanking new tires. They are the absolutely flash Nobby Nic by Schwalbe:
Spirited grip. Devilishly fast. Nobby Nic combines the incompatible: It has divine grip and goes like the devil. How is that possible? Triple compound - an MTB tire first -, combined with the super-fast carcass used by Racing Ralph.
For the rest of the month it will be pasta only, but hey, it's for my Litespeed Obed!


Toño said...

Well happy anniversary to your Litespeed Obed!

I will bring the best Parmesan from Italy and a Barolo from Pio Cesare to compensate and enjoy your pasta...;)

How am I suppose to ride those high hills...:(

Expat Traveler said...

You know if I were still in Switz, I'd totally take you up for going out on a ride. I loved my bike there and I loved riding in Switz because the trails and roads are just so awesome!

Sure I might live in one of the coolest areas in the world for mtn biking, but it's not for me here... MAybe I just don't know the trails but one thing is for sure, there's too many cars in the way!!!!!