Wednesday, November 19, 2008

You Know It's Autumn (#4)

...when you try to make some grape jam.

Last year's attempt was quite a disaster. I tried to learn from the experience by getting rid of the pips early in the process.

I tried two different approaches. The first was recommended by Kaag's mother. She boils the grapes to break them and then passes them through a sieve.

This worked just fine. However, I also went for a bit more sophisticated method by using a Steam Juice Extractor. Here the grapes are first put into a sieve.

The sieve is then into the extractor, which is placed onto the stove.

The steam juicer consist of two compartment. In the bottom one, you have to put some water in order to get the steam. The fruit come into the top part of the container. Then the fruit juice will drip into the centre pan where it will be extracted through a tube.


Mickle in NZ said...

The steps to make the Pear Bread seem easier. Did your dear Dad get some of the bread?

Jam I grew up with was boil the fruit up with sugar and spices, etc........Mind you was mostly stone fruit.. so good luck etc...

word veri "bejunsid" A Swiss german jam????

Mr. Urs said...

Dear Mickle, My dad got halve of the production. To the jam: the boiling with sugar comes right after the pips-extraction. I only showed some possibilities to get there.

Unknown said...

Wow - that looks like it will taste incredible.. ARe you inviting me over for brunch on Sunday? ;-)

Michael Lehet said...

When I was growing up our neighbor had a huge grapevine, which my mother now tells me is dead because the new owners haven't kept it up.

My Mother & Grandmother would make Grape Jelly and Grape Juice every year and we would always go and pick fresh grape leaves to stuff and cook...yum!!!

I'll take a pint of Jam if you have any left.