Friday, November 07, 2008

Black Friday

It's Friday - kind of Black Friday to be precise. Despite the fact that the Black Party will not be for another month, I'll have to wear black tonight.

Why? It's because:
  1. tonight will be the Night of Swiss Wine, which is kind of a Swiss Wine Award Show
  2. the economic crises.
Last year, I got - thanks to Toño's caring employer - the VIP treatment including a room at a 5 star hotel. However, this year everything is completely different.

From 5 pm till 6:15 pm I'm supposed to work as cloakroom attendant. From 6:15 till 8 pm I will be a scene shifter, changing one tasting set to another. From 8 till 9:30 pm I will be a waiter at the tasting. For all this, dress code is "black".

Nevertheless, It's not all gloom and doom. I've been promised a warm handshake. And thanks to my insistence, a kiss.


Michael Lehet said...

Damn this economic downturn!!!!

Mickle in NZ said...

just the one handshake?

Mr. Urs said...

Mickle: ...and I'm still waiting for that kiss!