Saturday, January 01, 2011

Between the Festivities

For the days between Christmas and New Year we travelled to Las Vegas...

.... to meet Toño's cousin Sonia.

We were a party of 11, fitting more or less into a couple of hotel rooms. I was a tiny bit crowded...

Toño managed to turn 20$ I gave him into more than 1000$ at the slot machine :) though he did not manage to stop right there :( well, there is some left.

We also paid the new resort The Cosmopolitan and the flash City Center luxury shopping center a visit. I loved it and somehow managed not to flash my credit card. Eg, this is a part of the 3 story bar Chandelier:

Location:Las Vegas


Suf n Steve said...

Merry New 2011! yeahhh enjoy the slot@slaughter machine...heheheh

Gauss Jordan said...

I stayed in Aria / Vdara at CityCenter in October, and loved the properties. :-)

Congrats on the slots. My friends made a boatload in slots too. I just barely broke even playing table games. :-P