Sunday, January 30, 2011


For once I can report a Martin like Sunday lunch:

We are at my sister's enjoying a veal hock, from a calf born and bred on my brother's farm. A real family affair.

Toño, my sister, my niece and I will be travelling to México in March and met to discus the details of the upcoming trip.

Location:Im Sedel,,Switzerland


naturgesetz said...

That looks delicious, as Martin's always do.

Stephen Chapman... said...


It's almost time for the next "5 on the fifth". As usual, everyone is welcome to take part. You can either take 5 random pictures of something that happens to you on the 5th of February (or the days leading up to it) or perhaps go for my suggested theme. This month, the theme is Reflections.

I hope that you will be inspired take part - please tell your friends too! Don't forget to add a comment on my blog on the 5th with your name, location and link where the pictures can be found. Remember to mention my blog on your own blog so that your visitors get to see the other contributions.