Monday, January 03, 2011

Fixies FTW!

Fixes (or fixed-gear or fixed-wheel bicycles) are extremely popular here in South Central Los Angeles. According to Toño's primo Héctor, they have replaced skateboards as the main aid to attract girls.

A Fixie is a bicycle that has no freewheel, meaning it cannot coast. It's pedals are always in motion when the bicycle is moving. Due to the few parts required they usually look much more elegant than a coasting bicycle.

Sadly, if you are caught riding a bicycle without two independent brakes in Switzerland you are facing an initial fine of at least 258 Swiss francs plus about 300 Swiss francs for the paperwork. The fine doubles the second time (source: Tages Anzeiger, 27.10.2009)

Location:W Slauson Ave,Los Angeles,United States

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