Saturday, August 16, 2008

Müesli Mania

It started a week ago and we are still into this. We officially declare Müesli Mania. Are you ready for the age of Müesli?

I was raised with Müesli. However not for breakfast. It was a side dish at lunch and, at least for me, it substituted vegetables. I loathed vegetables, but loved and still love Müesli. Although my love is not unconditional:
a) it has to be really fresh
b) it has to have a tiny touch of sour
c) the (compulsory) apples have to be grated. I go quite taliban on cut apples in a Müesli.


Anonymous said...

just make a note to myself if it ever happesn that i can cook for Tono and you NOT to make Muesli at all, coz I like the apples chunky :):)

Mickle in NZ said...

Thanks for the inspiration to tomorrow's breakfast. Though you'd find my version fairly boring coz I can't eat nuts or seeds, or high fibre grains. Never mind there are crisp apples in the fridge and golden kiwifuit in the fruit basket.

Of course it is really just an uncooked porridge!
Huggles said...

Oh Mickle, our diets is not compatible, due to a (minor) intestine issue, I'm on a high fibre diet. At least we can meet on the fruit side.