Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Amselspitz Or No Amselspitz?

We live in a world full of uncertainty and contradictions. Yesterday, I saw a glimmer of hope in farming. However this morning, when Toño brought the newspaper to the bed (while I made some coffee), I had to read that Swiss milk production run into the pork cycle - in other words: there is too much milk. Nevertheless, half an hour later, when I showed up at our bakery to get some Amselspitz yoghurt for the Müesli, all flavoured yoghurt were sold out.

Although we have the luxury of a bakery just around the corner, I hardly shop there. It's probably the worst bakery in town. The baker has a wild passion for American cars, which allows little space for the ardour of savoury bred. The frequency of my visits at the bakery only started to increase, when I serendipitously discovered these Amselspitz yoghurt.

Amselspitz are produced without preservatives and artificial ingredients. It's the freshest yoghurt, I've ever eaten. You can't amass them, because they have to be eaten within a few days.

Tomorrow there supposed to be a new delivery. Shall I camp in front of the shop?


Ms Mac said...

Eurrkk! The thought of yoghurt that fresh chills me. I like my dairy products as far removed from the cow as possible. The more preservatives the merrier.


Michael Lehet said...

You should have Tono make yougurt for you, it's easy! I do it all the time.