Monday, September 29, 2008


Last week, we indulged ourselves with two concerts: R.E.M. and Julieta Venegas. Maybe you think they have not much in common. But I can tell you that both Julieta Venegas and Michael Stipe dressed up for the occasion. Michael wore suit and tie and Julieta a lovely violet dress.

Most charming about R.E.M. was that they avoided sucking up to the crowed during the first hour, playing for their own (and my) enjoyment*. Contrarily to Michael Stipe, I did humiliate myself by wearing an R.E.M. T-Shirt, I bought 20 years ago during their first visit to Zürich.

Julieta Venegas came with (if I counted correctly) 15 musicians and charmed everyone with her songs about amor y desamor. There were no sad faces when leaving the venue.

* I'm not really a fan of "Losing My Religion", however, I since I have a tremendous crush** on Michael Stipe, we made it trough that crisis.
** read Casey Spooner's kiss and tell in BUTT 4 on going further***
*** and Michael Stipe's reply in BUTT 9.

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Ms Mac said...

I love Losing My Religion. Although, it's way more to do with the melody than the words which don't make any sense to me whatsoever.