Sunday, September 07, 2008

Do I Really Bear No Risk?

Last night I red-eyed back from India*. Toño is at wine fair in Sierre, thus I was only welcomed at The Residence by a pile of newspapers and the post****.

Since weeks if not months the Swiss newspapers run the boring story about the (now) former head of army who passed security clearance despite being investigated for coercion** - and the cowardly handling of the case and public lying by the anyway hopelessly useless minister of defence***.

In the mail there was letter from the Swiss DoD who informed me that the periodic screening of me resulted in the conclusion that I bear no security risk. Bearing in mind the slightly doubtful reputation of the DoD regarding security screening I'm asking myself if I can really depend on me?

* Cool down the sympathy, I had received a complimentary upgrade to first class. I'm typing this in a Lufthansa pyjama.
** He was accused to have sent randy suitors to the address of his former girlfriend. Truly a creative version of stalking
*** He is despite being hardly able to move his buttocks also minister of sport.
**** and blossoming primroses


Mickle in NZ said...

Bear no risk, dear one, your loving parents chose to name you Urs.........

Sincere Huggles and love,
Mickle-human and Zebedee-feline xxx
purrrrumbling said...

Mickle, Urs was only the third option. Family opposition first rejected "courageous advice" (Kurt) and "who resembles God" (Michael). The good Swiss compromise was that I got the second as middle name.

Ms Mac said...

I'd best get onto the DoD. I'm not having them thinking you're boring.

Expat Traveler said...

Beautiful photo... Still I'm baffled by Tono's occupation... Hope travels aren't getting you that down..

I'm so happy to be in a different place... But way too busy still.