Monday, September 15, 2008

Cider Bar

Somehow I will never make it past wage slave - that is, I failed again with a money making scheme. I was no going to make money for myself (I know, what a fool) but for The Rover Company. We were running a Cider Bar at the Tono pressing cider. This was kind of open-air festival for boy and girl scouts older than 16. Having thousands of adolescents on site and selling them alcohol seems like a pretty save plan. But who were we to know that exactly last weekend summer said goodbye, temperatures dropped like the stock market and a storm front was raging across Switzerland. The rovers did party and had a good time, but they were just not as thirsty as teenagers can be.

However, we also had some fig leaves, such as freshly pressed apple juice and the stunningly delicious alcohol-free Saft vom Saft.

Tono pressing cider

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Rob7534 said...

Ah! Poor Gomad and Tonio... always trying the get-rich-quick schemes.

Oh well, at least you have each other! :)