Sunday, January 17, 2010

C'est le ton qui fait la musique

The ones who follow my twitter stream might have caught up that Toño gave notice to his employer - that is, he intents to leave by the end of March.

His employer has been taken over in the course of last year, and the new owner implemented a totally different company culture. It is understood that the company was a restructuring case, however, if you are a company promoting a certain culture, you have also to behave accordingly. Corporate identity is not only design but also incorporates corporate communication and corporate behaviour, both of which have suffered.

Toño still stands behind the product, but he is not comfortable how it is produced, thus he took the consequences and is looking for a new opportunity.

Toño's passion is wine and the culture surrounding wine. Toño studied at a hotel school, worked at the receptions of five star hotels (eg. The Dolder Grand), but it was the Swedish sommelier of a lush dining restaurant, where Toño waited the tables, who introduced Toño into wine tasting. In order to pursue this new passion Toño then worked for a big Swiss wine merchant in various positions, where he had the opportunity to taste some exclusive and rare wines. The last eight years, he spent at a wine magazine, not as a writer but as the contact between wine merchants and the editor.

But now the time is ripe for a change again. We Swiss usually first search a new job before we quit the current one. But Toño needed the feeling to be free from the burden to be ready to search.

This is risky, but Toño is well connected in the market. All possible new employers know him personally and he is well respected. So we do not have to worry too much. In addition, Aldo, a good friend and vocational psychologist, helped Toño to get his application in perfect shape. Tomorrow, Toño will send out his first.

So if you are looking for a wine aficionado with excellent communication skills, and who is able to do small and business talk in the major international languages, you better hurry. Toño might be taken soon.


Suf n Steve said...

i hope tono job seeking will be swell and "break the leg".

I'm not following twitter msg,too many to handle (blogs,facebook,myspace,ym,skype).

Gauss Jordan said...

Good luck to you, Toño! I know the feeling; a new management team took over my area at work. While I've worked for the same company for four years, the last year or so has made the area seem like a foreign land.