Thursday, January 07, 2010

Do you sleep in the same bed and do you shag regularly?

A new chapter has opened in the marriage turned saga between Татьяна and my brother. Thurgau's* migration department has denied Татьяна permission to reside on grounds of sham marriage. Everything rests purely on circumstantial evidence:
  • Age difference (28 years)
  • Татьяна's social background (rural Russia)
  • how they met (at work).
There is the possibility to appeal the decision, but this involves lawyers (= heaps of money) and embarrassing interviews (typical question see post title). They want also to get married in church this summer in Russia. But with the legal uncertainty, they can't make any plans for their future.

* their state


MartininBroda said...

28 Jahre, dann bist du ja ein extremer Nachkömmling. Aber das ist natürlich ärgerlich, tut mir wirklich leid.

Mr. Urs said...

Ja Martin, mit mir hat man nicht wirklich gerechnet. Oder wie hat mein Guru heute 'getweeted': "What makes God laugh? People making plans."

Ms Mac said...

That's pretty rotten luck for them. Hope it all comes good in the end.

Ryan said...

hope it works out for them. as far as shagging yes we do but weve shag all over the house!

Suf n Steve said...

the same question impose on me during my citizenship application interview.

or even worst Question, "may i know ur position(women/men) in ur marrige" silly right!

Gauss Jordan said...

Oh no! I've heard rumors of some of these questions... a friend is dating a woman from Mexico whose visa will expire this summer.

Good luck!

And for the record my answers:
- Diagonally across the entire bed

- No, but I'd like to.