Thursday, January 07, 2010

Early Appreciation

I cycle to work and the first thing I face when entering the premises is to cross 6 rails (that have been out of operation for almost a decade) while turning to the right. After parking the bike, I have to walk along 16 parking fields for cars to reach the entrance. Especially the first step is great fun at sub zero temperatures (I did break some bike parts due to this some years ago).

One of the values my caring employer has proclaimed itself is appreciation. So I always get a good impression of the appreciation that is show towards cyclists before I even clock in.

Picture taken with Hipstamatic, equipped with Helga Viking lense, on Blank film. Hipstamatic has been introduced to me by Borstal Boy.


Captastro said...

I'm not impressed with your employer's placement of bike parking in favor of car parking. Most companies I've seen place bike parking next to the door.

Otoh, your health will benefit from the walk while that of your colleagues will suffer even more.

Anonymous said...

Biking over street-tracks... damn that's scary!! I love trams, but its tracks has plunged me to the ground more than once.
Maybe a walk isn't that bad after all? ;)