Saturday, March 05, 2011

5 on the Fifth - Lines

This month's 5 on the fifth theme is Lines.

I spent this week on business in Bangalore, India. The days were long and on the premises, taking pictures is prohibited. Thus, the lines pictures here were taken in-between on travel and commute.

Toy planes are lining up for taking off in Swiss' Senator Lounge at Zürich last Sunday... and yes, this is another of my fingers :/

Even double centre line of roads show little effect on drivers in India. The only way to break their dynamic interpretation is going into the third dimension with bricks and mortar.

Many moons ago at university, I learned to dimension power lines.

Our hotel was built in the 80s of the last century. The Art Déco touch of its lobby is rather fake.

Loads of silver garnished sweets are lined up nicely for me to bring home to my loved ones.


Daniel said...

Ohh... a 80's hotel. So what was it like staying there, a nightmare? I can only imagine the colours... :/
I like your approach to the theme, thanks for sharing.


NewLeaf said...

Great pics. My favorite is the line of sweets. Looks delicious, too!

Cubby said...

Very nice pics. I'm like the power lines best ;-)

erik said...

Nice photos. I am curious as to what the sweets tasted like.

Stephen Chapman said...

Isn't it strange that a few of us went for power/telephone wires?

Micky said...

Hooray for the pic of untouchable sweets!

And for the navel-gazing Swiss Air lounge decor.