Monday, March 28, 2011

The place where I cut both my feet and still have to be grateful for

Under this romantic chute Toño learned to swim (Toño is the one embarking on a dive):

Sadly, littering is an issue all over the globe and so it happened that I cut both my feet with broken beer bottles in this water right below the same chute today.

However, if Toño had not been pushed into the water here by an uncle, who happens to be the closest in that picture, and thus learned to swim we might never had met at the the pool in Zürich.

Location:La Huacana, Mexico


Micky said...

The good, the bad, the planned and the downright lucky.

It does look a magic place.

the feeling inside said...

Aw, what a lovely way of looking at things :-)

Glad you seem to be enjoying your holiday

Gauss Jordan said...

Aww. :-)

Feel better.