Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Finding Bristol Palace

I'm in Genoa to attend a conference on maritime systems and technology.

I arrived yesterday evening, and of course, had all the details on how to get from the train station to the hotel printed out. Who was I to know that Genoa has got 2 main train stations, Principe and Brignole? Needless to say that I left the train on the one which was not on my map.

Nothing fitted. Instead of a brief stroll, I was wandering along countless splendid palazzi and working girls for 100 minutes until I reached Hotel Bristol Palace. Although travelling light, I was completely soaked.

Why I did not take a taxicab? I loath sitting in a taxi on my own and I loath taxi drivers. I should have brought Toño along. He is a) the best company imaginable and b) he speaks Italian.


Ms Mac said...

Or me. While I don't speak Italian, I am a seasoned taxi traveller and excellent company. I'd much rather go to Genoa than Tucson, Arizona, sir!

Toño said...

The next time you take both of us along me and ms mac. That would be fantastic.

Michael Lehet said...

sounds like you had quite an adventure, and LOOK at that photo you took, amazing.