Sunday, December 14, 2008

"Are you in Maintenance?"

A quick update from Mumbai. It's all all work and no play. There was not even a weekend. My caring employer gets the daily rates for this. However, I had signed a weird contract that denies me being paid for overtime. In other words, I just worked two days for free. Apparently, this is included in the compensation package. But I can't deny to have the sense that I'm being cheated. To add insult to injury, next weekend will be no better... and I'm desperately missing Toño.

But how is Mumbai? I have no idea. Everything looks pretty normal from the 10 minutes, I spend on the streets every day. My hotel is right next to the fishing port, where the terrorists landed. Nobody seems to care. Word came through that the Taj Mahal Tower will reopen on December 21. Mumbai never stops.

The only difference I'm experiencing is that the cab can't drive to the hotel stairs (I have to walk 10 meters), and that I have to walk through a scanner and that my bag is being searched. The other day, the lady in charge of getting through my stuff was shocked by all the cables I carried. "What do you work? Are you in maintenance?"

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