Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Charlotte Royale - Overture

The first attempt of the overture went completely wrong. I had to make a raspberry jam roll. I made it too thin, it almost burned and just did not fit the purpose. The second attempt went far better.

The roll has to be 3 cm in diameter and very tightly rolled. I put into the freezer for an hour and then cut it into 5 mm thick slices. The slices have then to be put tightly into a bowl which is covered in foil. Now, it has to rest at a cool place, i.e. the balcony.

Now I need more eggs for the Bavarian cream...


Mickle in NZ said...

Dear Gomad - this looks utterly, wonderfully amazing, so beautiful when arrranged together.

Relax and enjoy putting the rest of it together.

My taste buds say yes, my current complete lack of a waist line says NO!

Happy celebrating 2009, care, huggles andlove to you and that lovely husband of yours, xxxxxxxx

Unknown said...

I'm thinking I must have missed your invitation... Yummy.. :)