Tuesday, October 05, 2010

5 on the fifth - Round

This month's 5 on the fifth theme is Round.

On my way to work I cycle through the Oerliker Park, which features a 35 m high round tower:

Twelve years ago this was an industrial area and the tower should keep up the memory of the funnels that used to blacken the sky here. I though for 5 on the fifth I could - despite my fear of heights - climb the tower and take a round of pictures.






MartininBroda said...

Interessant ist es schon und heldenhaft, wie du für einen Post die Höhenangst überwindest (du erinnerst dich vielleicht, daß ich exakt das selbe Problem habe), nur daß die Architektur leider meinen 19. Jahrhundert-Augen nicht unbedingt wohl tut, *seufz*

naturgesetz said...

I suppose the rectilinear architecture reflects the time when the area was redeveloped from its former industrial character.

Interesting that the more mountainous areas appear to be to the south. That probably just shows my ignorance of Swiss geography.