Sunday, October 24, 2010

Stylish Carry-on Shorthauler?

Frequent business trips are part of my work life. For short-haul overnight stays, the aim is to avoid check-in luggage at all costs.

Surprisingly, I find it rather difficult to find the right choice of luggage that allows to do this with style. Most business travellers do this by choosing one of these small trolleys sized 55x40x20 cm, but honestly, they look just silly, especially when being towed by a fully-fledged man. But what is the alternative?

Knowing the requirements is essential in my job. So I try to make a list of what I want:
  • no wheels
  • big enough to hold everything I need, but small enough so I never have to check it in.
  • easy to handle at airport security
  • keeping my computer scratch- & shock-free
  • space for some files and newspapers
  • space for briefs, socks and dress shirts for next day's meeting
  • space for essential toiletries
  • space for the travel book
  • strap for shoulder on the airport "workout" routes
  • made of light-weight durable material, ruggedized enough to survive more than a couple of years of travel
  • last but not least: it has to cause envy of my taste.
But now, where is my carry-on shorthauler?


Anonymous said...

Why don't you just hire a boy to carry it all for you?

He might be useful for other things as well of course, if you chose him carefully.

Gauss Jordan said...

If you find one, let me know.