Saturday, October 23, 2010

Swiss Army Rediscoveres 400 Tanks

During my military service I spent a lot of time in fortresses deep in the Swiss mountains. In one of them, I took me 20 minutes to get from my berth to daylight.

Apparently mountain fortresses are not an appropriate mean to defend Switzerland any more and the Swiss army has to get rid of them. Right now, the inspectors of the ministry of defence are reviewing budget and inventory. In this process they rediscovered 400 tanks which had been stored in one of these fortresses.

The inspectors also discovered that a foreign consultant company has been hired to accompany the implementation of the security policy report. The minister of defence has been cited: "When I'd learned about this, I almost bit into the tabletop of my desk".

Source: Tages Anzeiger


Anonymous said...

Well you can't keep track of every single little piece right? LOL


headbang8 said...

Exactly how many tanks does he Swiss Army have, if 400 can go un-noticed?

aims said...

I'm with the above two comments.

Thanks to Mickle for showing me the way...