Friday, October 13, 2006

Boskoop Nose

My nose feels like a boskoop today. Actually it started at two in the morning when my nostrils gave up on my. My mucous membrane felt like a boskoop was shoved up my nose. This is not unusual on a Thursday night, but it was never as bad before. Toño even got up in the middle of the night to make me some tea. Thursday evening is our swimming class evening. When chlorinated water gets into my nose, it get out of service 5 to 6 hours later for up two days.

Last evening I used lots of opportunities to get water into my nose. Our dear Katalin commanded us to practice all sorts of racing starts and tumble turns. We had to do it for front crawl, breaststroke and back crawl. The tumble turns we had to do at the wall and in free water. After a free-water back-crawl tumble-turn I was so disoriented that I swam towards the bottom of the pool. I was lucky that nobody suggested to practice all these for butterfly as well.

I've decided that today, I will only practice theoretically.


Toño said...

I hope your nose is doing better by now.

The animatings are great to practice theoretically in order to get better in real practice. I love this blog.

Ryan said...

i bet u guys were sore with smimmin i sure feel ya being i was on a swim team stick with it u will do good!