Monday, October 30, 2006

Forced To Be Boring

I'm no saint*. I work in the defence industry and I am member of a trade union. Actually, I was. I had to give my notice to Unia, my union.

In Switzerland a group is collecting signatures for an initiative to prohibit the export of weapons from Switzerland. If this come through, I will be off the pay roll. My union was (so far) not openly supporting the initiative, but they don't try to hide their sympathies at all.

A union that is trying to make me redundant is not quite correlating with my reasons to be in a union. You understand that I had to go.

Since today, I'm a not so proud member of the Employees Switzerland. It's not the hippest club to be with, but they rejected the initiative from the first minute. I'm now officially boring.

* although I once rejected an offer to work for a bank (of course for ethical reasons)


Toño said...

Dire adieu c'est toujours mourir un peu...


Anonymous said...

Please! employees switzerland?