Thursday, October 12, 2006

Rediscovering Boskoop Soufflé

The lovely Ms.Mac has sent us a bag of big and delicious Boskoop apples:

Boskoop are the best general purpose cooking apples I know. Ms Mac tagged the apples with a note, saying that they were from the Kürbisaustellung for me and Toño to enjoy. Ms.Mac's wish is our command. I looked for a recipe and produced something like this:

This is a kind of soufflé with mashed apples, eggs and zwieback.

It was good, however, I remember a dish my mother used to make which is similar but far better. I've called her and asked for the recipe. She hasn't done it for a long time and is not quite sure about the details anymore. From what she recalls, she used white bread, and coarsely grated apples. Both she put in layers into the soufflé mould. At the end she poured a mixture of eggs and milk over it and put the mould into the oven. It will require many tests and trials to get as my mother did it.


Ms Mac said...

Your mother's recipe sounds a bit like my brwad and butter pudding. (But then again, perhaps not!)

Toño said...

Yummy, yummy. I loved the delicate taste of the Boskoop apples. I am sure that once will master your mom's recipe.