Friday, November 09, 2007

On The Wagon

Toño and I are in deep trouble. Our wine cellar is almost completely dried-out.

But it's autumn and Zürich has this wine fair called Expovina, which is located on 12 ships on the lake of Zürich. Toño has to be there quite often to represent his caring employer, i.e. Toño works in the wine business. Hence last Saturday, he received the task to get us a.s.a.p. off the waggon again.

He ordered 6 bottles of each wine:
  1. Châteauneuf-du-Pape "Fiancée" Domaine La Barroche, 2004
  2. Château Sainte Eulalie "La Cantilène" Minervois, 2005
  3. Mas du Soleilla Les Chailles, 2005
  4. Domaine des Soulanes Jean Pull, 2005
  5. Dominio de Atauta Cosecha, 2003
  6. Torresilo Cosecha 2005
  7. Finca Terrerazo Cosecha - Tierra de Terrerazo 2004
  8. El Perro Verde, Rueda DO, 2006
  9. Murice Grianza, 2003
  10. Cantos de Valpiedra Cosecha, 2005
  11. Lanzaga Cosecha, 2004
  12. Las Rocas Cosecha - Calatayud DO, 2005
  13. Norton Privada, 2004
  14. Weinert Malbec, 2003
  15. Enrique Foster Malbec Reserva, 2004
  16. Perdriel Single Vineyard, 2004

I reckon, this should bring us through the next three months.


Anonymous said...

Could you add the wine region to each of the non-obvious? I may be interested to taste some of them. I noticed that you have many "Cosecha" on the list. That actually is a declaration in Spain for very young wine, but most of the time I think it just means "harvest" and is used to denote the year. Maybe ask Toño.

Mr. Urs said...

Odi, Toño claims that "Cosecha" means vintage, i.e. only grapes from the same harvest season end in the bottle.

Wines 1 to 4 are from Divo. Wine 1 is from Rhône du Sud, 2 to 4 are from Languedoc-Roussillon.

Wines 5 to 12 are from Casa del Vino. Wines 5 & 6 are from Ribera del Duero, 9 to 11 from Rioja.

Wines 13 to 16 are from Casa de Vinos Argentinos.

Enjoy the tasting.

Anonymous said...

wow, this list looks like something I would like to enjoy too, please please do tell us a little bit more when you'll be tasting them how you liked them :)
we've got the VINIFERA coming up here and hopefully we'll also get to taste some good and new wines.

Unknown said...

I feel like I've already been there.. But wow - wouldn't you invite us over next weekend? ;-)

P.S. how's the snow?

Anonymous said...

Well, thanks! Casa del Vino is round the corner from my place and I should pay it a visit soon :-) I am especially interested in the two Ribera ones.

About "Cosecha": so it really is used mainly to denote the year and is basically a useless declaration - unless it the absence of this word means they can sell pee in bottles. I mean I wouldn't dare tasting anything that is a mix of several years. Apart from Port and some other specialties, that it.

Mr. Urs said...

Odi, don't forget champagne. Vintage champagne is quite rare.