Thursday, January 01, 2009

Flashback to 2008

Passing through the gates of a new year, it seems appropriate to pause for a moment and to look back on the year called 2008.

Best Film

I definitely lacked visiting the screening room in 2008. So far I haven't seen 'Son of Rambow', 'Happy Go Lucky', 'Vicky Cristina Barcelona', 'Milk', 'WALL-E', 'The Wrestler' and 'Slumdog Millionaire'... Thus, some might be better than my selection. But unfortunately, I did not miss 'Another Gay Sequel: Gays Gone Wild', a concoction I only remember with sovereign contempt.
Nevertheless, there were some I saw and loved, non of which was clearly outstanding. Thus, I go for three: Burn After Reading made me laugh most, The Bank Job was the most entertaining, and The Dark Knight was the most thrilling.

Best TV Moments

Also here, I can't decide. The Wire had been running for a while, however I discovered it only in 2008 (thanks to Mr.Mac), but so, I could watch it all in one go. I loved it, not only because of Omar ;). The other strong piece of entertainment was the Glenn Close show a.k.a. Damages. Both series have in common that there are neither good nor bad guys. Everybody has some skeletons in its closet. I'm watching Mad Men right now - a hot candidate for 2009.

Best Sound

Hot Chip's One Pure Thought came close, however, Blind by Hercules and Love Affair remained the hottest track on high rotation in 2008. The best album was Jim released by electronic music maverick and turntablist Jamie Lidell.

Best Book

I did not read much fiction in 2008. One has those phases. Thus, an autobiography made it on top: Things The Grandchildren Should Know by Mark Oliver Everett (the mastermind who's Eels). It's about things not only grandchildren should know. Stick to yourself against all odds and you might prevail in this adventure called life.

Best Drink

Pepsi-Cola Retro was release in México in February 2008. It is made of natural ingredients. Such as the colour is created by caramel and coffee, and the taste comes from cola nut extract. However, my favourite is that it does not contain any artificial sweetener.

Best Slogan

Yes, we can! There are no excuses no more.

Best Poster Boy

Australian diver Matthew Mitcham, who won the gold for Australia at the 2008 Beijing Olympics in the 10m Platform Dive. Yes, he's gay and Australia announced him as the 2008 Sports Performer of the Year.

Best Holidays

Of course this was our premature spring-break honeymoon at Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo in México. We did thing in the complete wrong order: honeymoon, reception, registration.

Best Dinner

This was served by Chris Trewer on June 7 in the court yard of my clan's residence to friends and family. It was our reception disguised as Wine & Dine (& maybe Dance). Chris Trewer, who happened to be Gault Millau's Swiss dicovery of the year 2000, served six courses influenced by the cuisine of Thurgau and México, which were accompanied by eight wines from Thurgau and México. He even had the chutzpah to make mole!

Man of the Year

Toño, who said Yes, I do on October 17.


Mickle in NZ said...

And you said "Yes, I do" to that darling husband of yours.


Lovely, loving memory of 2008.

Only exceeded by the photos of divine Stella in that utterly gorgeous frock that darling Stella wore to your nuptuals.

Ryan said...

awesome flashback of 08. i am bad about seeing movies normally i am a couple years behind.

Sylv said...

hope the last thing on your list (man of the year) will one day be my highlight of MY year too..........

andy said...

My browser messed up and showed me the picture of Tono under the title Best Dinner :-)

Anonymous said...

Hallo Andy

I can be it too...

Anonymous said...

the last comment was me Tono :)

Ms Mac said...

How brilliant is Mad Men? I'm annoyed that we'vce watched it all and am completely obsessed by Don Draper even though he's a sexist philanderer.

Madonna hasn't made it to your review. I'm sure she would be disappointed by that.

I am proud and honoured to have partaken in your Best Dinner though.

Ms Mac said...

Oh, and re: The Wire, I found it tedious after the third season which I think was also when we lost Stringer Bell, my own particular fave.