Monday, January 26, 2009

The Pile

I'm a news junkie. When I come into a hotel room CNN or BBC News is on before I even put done my bag or take off the shoes. And the first hour of the day is devoted to newspaper reading in bed. So every time I come home from a business trip, I soon start to work on the pile that Toño carefully built for me.

What I got out of the pile? Not much, to be honest:
  • The next major of Zürich could either be a lesbian or a woman that looks younger by the day *yawn*.
  • The Lumix G1 might be my next camera *yeah*.
  • A reviewer dared to say that Antony and the Johnsons' new album The Crying Light is not as good as everyone thinks it is *bastard*.
  • I found the perfect book for the desperately needed holidays in April *longing*.

1 comment:

Mickle in NZ said...

No matter how I put the words: "Desperate, Holidays, Needed, April, Perfect, Longing & Found" together. I still find you need a bloody good break = without any food, marital or fatherhood situation involved.

Relax in your love for your loverley, loving Tono, and enjoy. Spring isn't that far away......

Year of the OX. Hmmm - I'm a female Aquarian Dragon, with a bloke cat that snores. His star etc. signs are unknown. Mystery here, M'dear Gomad - love for you in ch.