Tuesday, February 02, 2010

My Year of the Tiger

A Chinese friend from Malaysia has sent me my (Goat) horoscope for the Chinese year of the Tiger:

Good Year

There are 4 lucky stars and 4 bad stars. There is an even number of stars this year and the good stars are indeed very good like Tian Xi and Tai Yang so as to give you changes this year but things are a lot smoother than last year’s.Everything is a lot more stable.

Money & Work
You may find it hard to save money this year and it may be an important issue to you. However do remember that we have a method where we save money every 1st day of the month and then spend the rest. Try saving your money in your favourable colour bank then observe if the money stays there and grow.


This year, your health luck is not so favourable but then better than last year’s!

Love & Family

If married, be mindful of your emotions and watch how they can cause quarrels even in a stable relationship. If single, there is a little romance and there may be a little arguments with your parents though.

The Metal year of the Tiger will last from February 14, 2010 till February 2, 2011.

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Ribbon said...

I haven't yet investigated what the year of the tiger is supposed to offer me.

thanks for the reminder :)

Enjoy your year and I hope it is better than predicted.

best wishes