Monday, October 23, 2006

The Day of the Quinces

The quinces are finally ripe. My mother called on Saturday morning, giving me the word. Well, we rushed to my clan's residence and got what we needed - that is, loads of quinces.

Ancient Romans used the flowers and fruit of the quince tree for everything from perfume to honey. We will not measure ourselves with that great culture and humbly restricted us to soup and marmalade*.

For both you have first to rub off the pubescence with a dry cloth. If you want to make soup you better peal and de core the fruits. For marmalade you better don't. However both worked so well, we started to experiment, such as creating quince and boskoop marmalade.

If you never had the luck to taste quinces then indulge yourself in a glass of Gewürztraminer or Johannisberger . Their spicy bouquet is full of aromas of ripe quinces.

* Trivia alert: The original marmalades were made from quince - the Portuguese word marmelada means "quince jam".


Toño said...

The bouquet is simply heavely and even stimulating... well at least it work out with me...;)

Ryan said...

wow looks good i bet smells good 2!

Expat Traveler said...

Believe it or not my senior project in marketing for my degree involved marketing research of QUINCE!!! We had to set up focus groups, taste the jam and the entire 9 yards. IT was fun but man was that a HARD/Long class...

But I'm happy to know what Quince is and what's used for to this day (that was only about 9 or 10 years ago tha tI did the project)

And man that stuff looks GREAT!!! I know you want to send some to your friend over in Canada. ;-) said...

My marketing thesis was about as field bus system. Quinces are much more fun. My brother makes booze out of it.