Thursday, May 28, 2009

Feel Good, Feel Better, Feel Wonderful*

I was a bit overhasty by calling it a bad day. Almost pure joy came only after I'd left the coalface.

Feel Good

Swimming was exactly what I needed. Our master shark is back from her sailing holidays off Sardinia and did not like what we did to our technique during her absence. Especially the last section of the arm stroke did not find her approval and she really concentrated on setting that straight.

Feel Better

Toño made a Mexican chicken soup for dinner with estragon sorry oregano to cure his cold.

Feel Wonderful

The new album Lotusflow3r by Prince arrived today. My favourite track so far is the cover of Crimson and Clover.

Arme Sau**

Only Toño is far from good, better and wonderful. A first sign was that he did not serve any wine for dinner, which is almost unheard of. He thought that he might have some fever. I've measured 39.4°C/102.9°F. I made him a thermos of fresh tea with lime juice, he dropped a couple of aspirin treupel and is now back in bed. No hanky-panky today :( as I said, only almost pure joy.

* just one of the fabulously funky tracks on Lotusflow3r.
** poor swine - this is how Toño refers to himself right now.


Pilgrim said...

bon apetit!

Mickle in NZ said...

Yay, Gomad happier, any chance of Tom\no Tono's chicken soup recipe? (was just as I misstyped it!)

Tauranga, where the folks live, has been mild this Friday, and I sat them down last night to sort out food for their 50th "do". A small step completed.......

My Mother has her PC mouse on the left (hooray) but set up still for the right (boo). My left hand fingers are befuddled.

Lefty, lefty Mice please.

Is so much fun to see workmates using it baffled!