Monday, May 04, 2009

Having a Flu

Something with travelling has getten completely wrong. First, I happen to be a regular at the Taj Mahal Hotel in Mumbai, which becomes suddenly a high risk destination and then I catch a flu in Mexico.

Everything started on Wednesday, April 22 in Guadalajara when I had to rush to the loo right after opening my blue eyes early morning. Moctezuma's revenge! I did not trust that turkey sandwich at Sanborns in the first place. Whatever, I popped a couple of Imodiums. Problem solved. I did not hear of Moctezuma again.

However, in the course of the day I started to develop a fever which rose to 39.2°C/102.6°F the next day. Besides of fever, I felt rather weak, had body aches, and a severe head ache. Typical flu symptoms. I did not worry much, stayed in, sipped tea and sent Toño out partying to get sufficient rest myself. In the course of the next two days I also developed itchy eyes, runny nose, and a cough. However, the fever never went that high again and I was not worried at all. It's just a flu and all it takes is some patience and lots of tea to flush it out.

On Friday, I received a text message from a colleague: Beware of the Swine Flue! That's how I learned that there might be a problem.

The next day Toño and I travelled back to La Huacana, where I visited a doctor on the following day. The GP convinced me that I need to go on antibiotics. Those helped within 36 hours. All symptoms besides the cough were gone. On the cough, I'm still working.

On the day I went to the doctor, my mother called when it was still pitch-dark in La Huacana, commanding us to travel home immediately because there is this dangerous flu in México. It took a while to explain to her that I'm in no position to travel because I'm down with flu.

A few days later I shocked her again by answering her question about the whereabouts of Toño that he is sitting in front of the house with some neighbours singing backed by some guitars. Being in La Huacana is like being in a Bollywood film. People do spontaneously break into song and dance.

And yes, people were still mingling in La Huacana despite the clear and present flu danger. I even had to go to a baptism when I still had fever after not showing up to a wedding was not well received. We only started wearing those masks when we reached the state capital Morelia.

Now I'm back here in Switzerland which is still bathing in paranoia. My GP ordered me to stay home until at least Thursday.


Mickle in NZ said...

= no jet lag problems for you.

may also = severe getting up in time for work problems next week coz you'll be so relaxed into lazy days.

Please reassure me that Mr Mac's departure for Washington D.C has nothing to do with your return home.

Word verification is "nablatib", so that's nice for you....

love and huggles Mickle and her glorious Zebbycat, xxx and purrumbling

Randy said...

DAMN ur the first person i kno that got the swine flu...

And that pic is epic rofl

Deadwing said...

please take care of yourself. that is one nasty strain of flu. keep hydrated, get rest. glad to hear you made it home safely tho.

Expat Traveler said...

I'd say definitely stay home to be safe. Be are very terrified here also and in California. I got the flu right before I left for California. My thoughts for a speedy recovery.

Michael said...

Get better soon!!!!!