Friday, May 08, 2009

Lecherous Retail Therapies

Today, coincidentally and independently, both Toño and I spent a middle fortune on the carnal satisfaction of our personal fetishes.

Toño is a vine aficionado and had been conceiving the desire for a temperature-controlled wine cabinet for quite some time. Finally today, he ordered an ostentatious wine cabinet for our drawing room for up to 133 bottles with 3 distinct temperature zones:
  • one in the centre for maturing wines in ideal conditions (10-14 °C)
  • one at the bottom for chilling (6-10 °C)
  • one at the top at room temperature (16-20°C).

Meanwhile, I got myself a brand-spanking new fork for my beloved GT Zaskar LE bike.

I bought my Zaskar LE in August 1998 after I'd spotted it at Cycle Shark. It was love at first sight and I just could not sleep any more until we were united. It was purely a dick-driven decision since I owned already a titanium hard-tail with similar characteristics (light, strong, stiff, tight, agile, extremely fast).

Back in 1998 RockShox had just released their revolutionary RockShox SID (Superlight Integrated Design) fork. Unfortunately last winter, my SID fork reached the end of its lifespan and could not be retrofitted. In other words, its tubes were fucked up beyond all recognition.

Blessing in disguise, SRAM (which bought RockShox) has just completely redesigned their SID collection. I went for the SID Team which weights just 3.27 lbs / 1485 g. The price jump to the SID World Cup was a bit too steep ($300) to save further 0.05 lbs.

Nevertheless, I just want you to know that we are not to blame if the economy does not kick-start and does not get its titties in a twist in due course. I wish you a randy Spring weekend.


Mickle in NZ said...

Second attempt at posting - just the 133 bottles of wine will fit then? Is that all your Dear Husband is aiming for just now.

Unless, of course, he is already using the cellars in your Family's home, the magnificent House at the farm.

Confess - Bicycles, nice, Gomad -what colour is yours? This subject does get get far more attntion than cars, buses, vans, automobiles - bloody combustion engines of any sort.

Care, huggles and much love, Michelle the Mickle, and sleeping for now Zebbycat. xxxxxxxxxxxxx and purry purrrrrumbling said...

@Mickle in NZ:
The GT is frost blue anodised.
The LiteSpeed does not need any paint and thus looks just like titanium naturally does
The Klein Q-Pro is Sedona OrangeThe Price is black withought any labels nowhere (except of the compulsory insurance tag) said...

@Mickle in NZ: 133 bottles last hardly 3 months.

Expat Traveler said...

I was thinking about busting out the bike soon to ride to work again... I won't ride my road bike into work, nowhere to put it...

Pflight I think works for the company selling those parts...

Great that you got a good upgrade! :)